From Georgian Bay to “The Big Smoke”…

Hey friends, fellow travelers, colleagues, I was too busy taking it easy in Georgian Bay to blog, but here is a great shot I wanted to share with you…

What a gorgeous place, let me tell you! No wonder the Group of Seven loved hanging out and painting in this region. The light, the air, the water and those bizarrly beautiful rocks – add to this my nature loving friends and their green thumbs and lots of wildlife (tree frogs, baby snakes, pikes from ancient times) it’s all about the outdoors here.

Then  again, Toronto has its share of wildlife, too … I found these guys roaming just south of College Street.  And further down on Queen Street, all you need to do is look up to get in touch with nature  😉

What I really love about this city, though, is the mix of cultures and people you see everywhere. And for the most part, everyone gets along just fine. People here like to maintain their own culture and traditions and aren’t expected to “assimilate” or leave their own culture behind. Instead they contribute what they bring and add to the mix of what’s already here. And: it’s interesting! Individuality is key here. The cashier with the turquoise hair and matching eye shadow at the Polish bakery feels just as comfortable expressing her individual style as the old dude with his army boots, punk hair and safety pins. Nobody bats an eyelash or is worried about what other people might think about them.

Here’s one more shot, this one leaving The Beach and heading towards downtown. More next time. Your Traveling Translator


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