In all things of nature

there is something

of the marvelous.




Hello, fellow travelers and friends,

Fellow blogger Polianthus inspired me to partake in his monthly fountain challenge. After all, what’s not to love about fountains? I even have one in my backyard. Although it doesn’t look anything like this…



Fountain in Rome


… it has become a gathering place for all types of birds and a “watering spot” for cats and racoons.  While I enjoy the sounds of water falling, I return to the fountains of Rome.

Ciao – TT




Hola, friends and fellow travelers,

Memories of theses muses from a recent trip to Barcelona are spreading their wings of inspiration… Oscillating between Catalan and Spanish, it was the language of the “Modernists” that touched me most here.

Sometimes co-creations, like these Orfeo muses in the Palace of Music, each created by two different artists, speak most clearly to me.

Happy journeys!