The power of conversation

Hello friends, fellow travelers, colleagues,

A weekend away does wonders for my creativity and resolve, can you tell?

I recently finished reading Lynn Twist’s “The Soul of Money,” which I had picked up at a library book sale. Although I found the title a bit bizarre, the book itself is well worth a read (and re-read, I think). Her thoughts on conversation got me thinking. She writes:

“CONVERSATION CREATES THE CONTEXT OF LIFE     We think we live in the world. We think we live in a set of circumstances, but we don’t. We live in our conversation about the world and our conversation about the cirumstances. When we’re in a conversation about fear and terror, about revenge and anger and retribution, jealousy and envy and comparison, then that is the world we inhabit. If we’re in a conversation about possibility, a conversation about gratitude and appreciation for the things in front of us, then that’s the world we inhabit. I used to think that the words we say simply represent our inner thoughts expressed. Experience has taught me that it is also true that the words we say create our thoughts and our experience, and even our world.” (The Soul of Money, Lynne Twist, p.208-209)

Interesting, right? It got me to reflect on conversation(s) in my own life.  And it reminds me of a comment recently posted by a literary colleague. She wanted to know, how to avoid competition and envy from creeping into an entrepreneur’s salon. In WES (see my recent post) we are very aware of the power of conversation and of words. I would suggest choosing members who realize that only a positive and productive approach is acceptable in your group. Having firm ground rules also helps direct conversation along positive and constructive lines. Our WES rules include: no to whining/ complaining or talking about spouses/ children, and yes to sharing challenges, accomplishments and goals.

Signing off for today, but not without sharing this photo and… remember to look up! 🙂

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Sufficiency… energy… and the WES oracle…

Hola, friends, fellow adventurers and colleagues,

As you may have noticed, my most recent travels have been occurring on another plane altogether.  No less adventurous, mind you… 😉

This quote by Lynne Twist is informing my approach to work and play right now:

“Sufficiency:….When you let you of trying to get more of what you don’t really need, it frees up oceans of energy to make a difference with what you have. When you make a difference with what you have, it expands.” (Lynne Twist)

Hmmmm… Works on a few levels, I think: with money and material possessions, of course. With relationships, too, though. In my last blog I mentioned my WES sisters, remember? And, no… contrary to what my sword-fighting friend has suggested, we are not a band (at least not yet). We are a small group of entrepreneurs (from up and coming to the well-established and in between) who meet once a month to share and support each other in a constructive and positive forum (and I don’t just mean the restaurant). The host & organizer (rotating) presents something like an idea or approach that works, each member shares some of their goals and challenges, and the WES oracle (coined by secret service writer sister, meaning the members of WES) makes suggestions and gives advice.

Here we are, using what we have to come together (while letting go of what we don’t really need, like competition, envy, insecurity, etc.). Each month I walk away with something I receive from the WES oracle: rekindled energy and enthusiam, new ideas and perspective and a sense that helping each other creates more positive for everyone. Thank you to my ich bin ein berliner and healer WES sister and friend and my very funky boston designer friend for the idea.

Signing off for today

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