Not quite…

This one is for all my (conference) interpretation colleagues out there.

We interpreters (translators who deliver spoken translations either simultaneously using interpretation equipment or consecutively, i.e. after the speaker has spoken) know, why ‘computer translation’ of speech doesn’t work properly and why.

Take a look at this video next time you need to remind someone why it pays to hire a professional interpreter.

The tech folks at an American news station tested a translation device with earbuds to be used instead of an interpreter a few days ago and this is what happened:

Trilingual chat with pixel buds goes awry


Interpreting for the rich and famous …

… Hola, fellow translators & interpreters, adventurers and friends! As you may have noticed, I had a serious case of writer’s block … and some very intense conference interpretation assignments that have kept me away from my blog and all of you.

Can you believe I actually got to interpret a former US President?!? And no, it wasn’t Bush! There we were, sitting in our booth and up on stage Mr. President himself! All in a day’s work, let me tell you 🙂 My next assignment was another high-ranking VIP, a minister of state and her small delegation up close and personal, because I provided consecutive interpretation services. Good thing I have my yoga techniques to fall back on …. in high pressure situations it definitely helps to center myself and just breathe.

Claudi’s tip of the day: When you consciously calm yourself down in high-pressure situations, you can actually have a positive impact on the overall energy level in the room.

On that note I leave you with this mountain view to enjoy from my travels in Europe. Signing off for today, your Traveling Translator

photo by Traveling Translator