Interpreting for the rich and famous …

… Hola, fellow translators & interpreters, adventurers and friends! As you may have noticed, I had a serious case of writer’s block … and some very intense conference interpretation assignments that have kept me away from my blog and all of you.

Can you believe I actually got to interpret a former US President?!? And no, it wasn’t Bush! There we were, sitting in our booth and up on stage Mr. President himself! All in a day’s work, let me tell you 🙂 My next assignment was another high-ranking VIP, a minister of state and her small delegation up close and personal, because I provided consecutive interpretation services. Good thing I have my yoga techniques to fall back on …. in high pressure situations it definitely helps to center myself and just breathe.

Claudi’s tip of the day: When you consciously calm yourself down in high-pressure situations, you can actually have a positive impact on the overall energy level in the room.

On that note I leave you with this mountain view to enjoy from my travels in Europe. Signing off for today, your Traveling Translator

photo by Traveling Translator


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