Calgary … on again, off again…

Hi everyone, friends, colleagues – what a few days it’s been, let me tell you … !

Actually, I should have been leaving on an interpreting assignment to Calgary today, but right now it doesn’t look like I’ll be heading to the airport after all … In the past few days this assignment was on, off, on again and yesterday morning off again. Good thing I leave packing to the very last minute 🙂 And, after the first round of cancellations (flight and hotel) I decided to leave subsequent cancellations and re-bookings in my client’s capable hands. Still, these days I don’t know what’s coming and when. Just when it seems like everything has been worked out, equipment malfunctions, clients change their plans, assignments are postponed, etc.  My sword-fighting translator friend attributes the current stop-go vibe to “retrograde planets.” Smooth sailing after April 23rd, she says.  Oh, great segue: sword-fighting translator friend also proofreads my posts. Super job and thank you! We often team up on translation assignments (one person translates and the other does the editing and proofreading), so she tactfully volunteered her eagle eye.

Back to this assignment! Am I ever glad I have a contract with this client! In the event of cancellation I am paid my full daily rate unless I get another interpreting assignment for the same dates. I prepare quotations/ contracts that have to be approved in writing (signed) for all my translation and interpretation assignments. A bit time-consuming for sure, but totally worth it to me! They contain rate/ fee information, payment terms, assignment/ project details, deadline information and for interpretation assignments a cancellation clause.

Well, I might still be on a plane heading to Calgary very soon. Let’s see what happens … I’ll keep you posted! In the meantime I’m working on this huge assignment and keeping an eye out for the courier to deliver the next project. Before I sign off for today, here’s a black & white photo I took in Paris, for your enjoyment. Have a great day! Your Traveling Translator

Ah... Paris...


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