Confucius and conundrums …


Hello friends, fellow travelers and colleagues!

I’ve been preparing for the workshop I’m giving in Vancouver tomorrow all morning and just had to take a break to clear my head. And, look what I found! Wow, it’s spring out there! I was beginning to miss that Mexican sun a whole lot …

Now, back at my laptop, trying very hard to re-motivate myself, I just came across this great quotation by Confucius: “Success depends upon previous preparation and without such preparation, there is sure to be failure.” Hah! That’s why I should prepare, although I have given this workshop quite a few times! Thank you, Confucius! BTW, I do the same for my interpretation assignments … preparation is key …

So here is my conundrum: How to fit 15 years experience running my own T&I business into 3 hours minus a coffee break? I guess that’s where a whole lot of fast talking will be useful 🙂 We’ll see how much ground I can cover. And, yet another reason, why I am very happy about this blog!

I’m looking forward to taking the Canada Line into Vancouver, which is ranked no. 1 on “The Economist’s World’s Most Livable Cities 2011” (see Wikipedia). In my next post I’ll tell you more. I better sign off for today, and get back to my notes and handouts …

Your Traveling Translator


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